Halloween at the cemetery

For the last couple of years I’ve enjoyed shooting the Capturing the Spirit Halloween Tours at Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, Georgia.

Which of these do you like more? The first is from 2012 and the second is from 2013.


Have to start somewhere…

While perusing my archives last night I found a bunch of time lapse tilt shift videos I shot in and around (and above) Centennial Olympic Park over a few afternoons last summer. Most are 30 second clips of SkyView Atlanta (the Ferris wheel) and CNN Center. Here, I’ve edited them into a montage with a little Shubert for some excitement and pacing.


For nearly 15 years, I was a producer at a major media organization. For most of that time I worked with a team that produced a daily news program and accompanying website for classrooms around the world.  Generally, I was responsible for the online distribution of the show, the website and the daily newsletter. Specifically, I contributed so many individual components of that product simply listing them becomes overwhelming. Let’s just say I’m well versed in all facets of both web and television production.

Much of the work was exciting and easy to get passionate about. We were producing and delivering exciting, timely content directly into young minds in classrooms all over the world. And they loved it. From the perspective of a producer, it doesn’t get much better than that.

For me, the passion centers around photography and videography. My love for cameras began as a hobby over 30 years ago. By 2013, I was contributing both photos and videos on a regular basis to the show and website I produced.

So, I told you that so I could tell you this.

In 2014 I transitioned from daily news production and began to focus this passion for video and photography by providing video production services to corporate entities as a freelancer. I’ve worked for websites, individuals, freelance news organizations, etc.

It’s not enough. I need the daily grind, but without the grind. By that I mean I need the daily structure of shooting, editing and publishing with the freedom to shoot, edit and publish whatever I want. Just not for others so much. I need it for me.

That’s where j.franklin.media comes in. I need a place for my content. And, most importantly, you need a place to enjoy the content I have produced and will continue to produce.


Shooting. Editing. Publishing.